OEM Engine Extended Warranty

A standard warranty covers defects in material or workmanship in construction and forestry equipment. But these days, many machine owners want more protection.

Extended warranty is extremely helpful when selling a used or new piece of construction equipment. The extended warranty allows the customer piece of mind that you- the dealer stand behind your equipment by insuring that if it breaks down you will be there. For you as the dealer it also offers many benefits. Extended warranty can pay you the dealership 100% labor and parts rate.

Another major benefit of an extended warranty is you never have to negotiate with your customers because they are covered, you do not look like the bad guy.

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We all know the biggest profit center is in the service and parts departments. Therefore an extended warranty will save you from losing money on a service job or part because you will not have to give policy.


The StructurAll warranty provides three years or 10,000 hours of “no-fear” coverage on major machine structures as installed at the factory free of charge, including booms, Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS), and mainframes.

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